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We're pleased to share a list of tips that you can refer to before your shoot day!

1. Grooming


  • Tidy up any excess facial hair (nose, ears, eyebrows, moustache, etc).

  • Hydrate your skin. Apply some face moisturizer the night before to soften the skin.

  • For men, go for a haircut a few days to a week before the shoot. Ask your hairdresser for a trim instead of cut. Let him/her know that this is for a photoshoot. Typically, they’ll trim it to a length that’s perfectly presentable.

  • For ladies, arrive in basic professional makeup. Whatever you would wear to work is usually a good gauge. Leave your hair untied so that we have the option of tying it up for a second look.

  • If you want a more polished look, we can help you hire a hair and makeup artist.

2. Attire

  • Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. This goes a long way in creating the right mood for the shoot.

  • Make sure your attire is well-fitted. A well-fitted attire enhances your silhouette. For that reason, I typically advise against borrowing blazers from friends or colleagues for shoots. It’s best for the blazer to be tailored but if you’re on a budget, buying it off-the-rack can work too if you shop at the right places. 

  • Patterns: Try to avoid stripes as it results in moire. However, if you feel that patterns are essential to how you would express yourself, bring it up with your photographer.

  • Colours: There’s really no hard rule on this but typically I find monochromatic colours (black, white, grey, blue) works with the widest range of backgrounds. Solid pastels work the best.

  • Accessories: Portrait photographers love an accessory which tells a story. If you’re comfortable, bring along something which you feel represents you. It could be a pair of earrings, a book or a fedora. 

3. Mood

  • Have plenty of rest the night before. You will look more energetic and ready to engage during the session.

  • Arrive slightly early so you’re in a calm mood. You could also use that extra time to touch up your grooming or attire.

  • If you feel it would make you more comfortable, feel free to ask your photographer if you could bring a close friend/family member with you.

  • Be ready to go with the flow :) Most likely your photographer already has a way of bringing out the best expressions out of you.

  • Be in the moment and let him/her bring out the best in you.



Tips and Tricks by Matthew Ng

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