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Invoicing Instructions

Thank you for helping out at our most recent shoot!
We'll like to make sure you get paid on time, so please read the following instructions so invoicing can be a breeze for everyone.

1. Email Title


Please title your email with the Invoice Number, followed by Job Name.

For example: 


Invoice 001: ST Engineering Year-End Party Video 

Invoice 845: Meta Innovation Symposium Photography
Invoice 878: Safer with Google Event Highlights

2. Invoice PDF Title

Please rename your Invoice PDF attachments with your name, followed by invoice number and job description. 
Every invoice must have a proper invoice number.


For example:


CHRIS [INV001] ST Engineering Year-End Party Videographer
HARRY [INV889] Meta Innovation Symposium Photography
KAI [INV980] Safer with Google Location Audio Recordist

3. Addressing the Invoice

Invoices and related communications must be addressed to:

The Yeo Gallery

90B Jalan Satu #07-46
Singapore 392090


Sending to alternative email addresses will cause delays in processing.

4. Payment Terms


The contractual 30 day payment term begins when an accurate invoice is received. 

An accurate invoice will include all the information outlined above.


Our payment cycle will ensure you receive payment at the end of the month.

For prompt payment, service providers should submit invoices within a month of completing an assignment.  


Invoices received 30 days after the assignment may be subject to delay. 


Thank you so much for your service and hard work!

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